’06 Evo IX MR Track Build

2006 Evo IX MR Gridlife Street (Formerly STU) Build:

Engine & Power Modifications:

Drivetrain, Suspension & Handling Modifications:



Annual Recaps:

2013 Introduction: Like going from the ’08 Mini to the ’13 Mini, I did similar going from one ’06 Evo to another. I started life with an ’06 TB IX GSR – a 5 speed black Evo. However, my ideal car was a White IX MR – which I finally got the opportunity to purchase in 2013. I swapped over a few goodies from my old Evo and bid her goodbye. After the shop had swapped the rear diff my old car into this one (and stripped the fill bolt), it sat for a long, long time – all throughout 2013 and most of 2014 while I campaigned the Mini. However, after finally getting the necessary bits repaired, the car was finally ready for action. The vision of the Evo is simple: build the ultimate street car, one that can handle street driving, autoxing, and track days in a safe, reliable, and fun manner.

Current Alignment/Weights:


Weight (with driver ballast 180)

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