2017 Season Recap (Evo)

I’m doing this rather retrospectively as I adjust some of the formatting of the journal. I was still in full swing autocross mode with the Mini during this time, but that started to wind down and the seat time had started paying dividends to driving other cars, including the Evo. Some set up changes below:

On the new 17×9.5 setup. Picked up roughly/up to 1s over the old 17×8 stock wheel setup. Car is not as loose as in 2015, maybe even starting to push a little more. RSB ran on medium, alignment was -3.3, -1.9 otherwise, with a touch of toe out in the rear. Tune was adjusted to allow quicker engine braking off throttle, as the deceleration was still not up to where I wanted to be – leading to me swapping the brakes for 2018.

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