(Retired) ’10 Honda Fit Daily Driver

2010 Honda Fit Daily Driver:

  • Crystal Black Pearl
  • Sport
  • 5 speed Automatic


  • Amsoil SSO 5w20 & EA15K13 Filter (1 year OCI)

Received this 2010 Honda Fit on 5/14/15 with about 39,120mi on it. This was actually my sister’s car which I was given to take care of. This is actually my second daily driver, which means my girlfriend gets to use the ’07 Corolla DD full time. This car will make a great transport/trip vehicle, with huge amounts of space in the back perfect for taking the dog & suitcases and bags. Also planning to test out how the car does for things like outdoor theater. It also shifts the Mini Cooper to full time race only, as I drove it to work/errands from time to time when my girlfriend took the Corolla.

Since the car was located in Atlanta, we had it shipped here. While it only took 1 day to arrive, it was damaged along the way. It was sitting on the upper rack on the trailer, and had passed by some low trees and destroyed the windshield, as well as scraped the roof. I made an agreement with the driver that they waive the shipping fee and add some money on top, and had the windshield replaced by a local shop. They were able to come out the next day and get this good as new. Really looking forward to driving this car around!

//Retired as of 1/15/16

Decided to sell the car to someone on Craigslist not long ago, and sold fast. Car was in great shape, unlike other cars I’ve sold on CL. Zero issues with powertrain, functionality, electrical, etc. and overall really was in nice condition.

However, neither my girlfriend nor I really enjoyed driving it, and the 1.5L engine was just too weak with the transmission downshifting loudly every time we went up a slight hill. At first the utility was great, but by the end we just found the car to be too cheap and tinny, like we were riding in a big open can. Ultimately, the Corolla was a much nicer drive overall.

It was a good car though, and we were sad to see it go. However, we wanted something a little bigger, more practical, with more power and AWD…

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