As of 2019, special Thanks to the following:

English Racing

English-Racing-3English Racing has been working with me since 2016 in tuning and set up for my 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. They have worked on both a 20psi and a 24psi tune for the car for various competition classes. More importantly, they have worked with me in setting up ACD tuning for the Evo in order to improve the function of the center differential and the handling of the car. Thanks ER for all the support!

Solo Performance Specialties
SPS_Bumper_Sticker.117184315Solo Performance Specialties (SPS) is an unofficial sponsor of mine and a go-to for many common SOLO needs – including services such as alignments, corner balancing, tire mounting/balancing, and more. They’ve also made all the magnets that will be on my car, including my autocross numbers and my huge Fat Cat Motorsports magnet. In addition to that, they have all sorts of auto-x goodies, and they’re a good group of guys not just interested in a sale, but helping out autocrossers – check them out!

Previous Sponsors:

Red Line Oil
RedLineOilAs of March 2016, Red Line Oil is now sponsoring QL Motorsport! I chose to reach out to Red Line Oil due to their outstanding reputation in making extremely high quality, ester based oils. Please visit their website for all your oil needs!

Kami Speed
Special thanks to Kami Speed for their support for the 2018 season! Please check out their store for all your racing supply needs!

Fat Cat Motorsports

FCMFCM is an accomplished suspension tuning shop located in Redwood City, California. They specialize in custom valving Bilsteins. FCM helped set up my now-sold Mini Cooper for HS.


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