Rice Trailer (FMCR8218-BKTB) 16+2

New trailer for the tow car & race car – this is a Rice FMCR8218-BKTB – a 16′ trailer + 2′ dovetail that will be used for towing the Evo around. I always thought I’d own a trailer at some point, but I didn’t think it’d be feasible already – we have been very fortunate. After trailering with Uhaul all of last year, difficulties with scheduling, reserving, and logistics, I decided to finally purchase my own trailer. The math works out, as long as I continue using the trailer for a couple of years.

This is a 2-axle trailer made of wood and steel. It’s rated for 7,000lbs, which includes its own weight of 2,085lbs (so it can haul 4,915lbs). It’s got 2 3500# electric brakes on both axles, which is perfect as my Sequoia came with an electric brake controller (7-pin connector), which I have started learning how to use. Pretty easy, actually. I just hold down the button and use the thumb slider to adjust the strength of the brakes, to where I feel it start to grab. When the trailer has the Evo on it, obviously the strength is increased. There is also a breakaway system, so if the trailer is ever disconnected, it will grab the brakes.

It also has a small, locking tool chest where I’ll probably store all the towing equipment. There are two 5′ ramps stowed inside the rear. There are stake pockets located on the sides for the tie-downs, as well as 2 rings in the front and rear. The trailer came with Taskmaster Contender TT868 tires in 205/75-15. These are good quality tires rated to 81mph (M) – I’ve driven really slowly in the past with the Uhaul trailer, so its nice that I will be able to go 70-75mph again.

The Rice FMCR8218-BKTB is a nice, high-quality trailer that will hold me over until I get something lighter, if I ever decide to downsize from the Sequoia. It’s a little bigger than I imagined, and I think a 14′ + 2′ would have suited me just fine. Parking/storage is going to be a little tricky. We’ve got a nice, grassy, open area behind the townhouse, but it seems construction on these lots may begin soon – we will see. There are some potential issues with the construction, so we are hoping it does not go through. I can side park it on the street behind, but I imagine we will encounter the same issues with construction. For now, we’ve tucked the trailer in the driveway. It just barely fits, and took multiple tries to line up just right. It sits behind the Evo, meaning the Evo has reached true trailer queen status – no more joyrides, not that I ever really took any.

Based on my calculations, the net total weight of everything will be right around 6,200lbs. This includes the trailer itself, the Evo with a full tank of gas, myself, girlfriend, dog, all of the things we need, as well as all the tools, blocks, etc. for the Evo. The Sequoia’s towing capacity is 7,100lbs, so this is about 90% of the GVWR capacity. Typically, you’re supposed to stay within 80% of the weight, but I think that is for a generic rule of thumb if you do not calculate everything like I did.

I will likely go with this tie-down system when the time comes – which is coming fast. 2021 is shaping up very nicely, and I cannot wait to get back out there.


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