2021 Preseason (Evo)

For the first time, I’ve really been enjoying the off-season. 2020 was the first time I primarily focused on track days, and it’s been good to unwind and focus on other things. That said, I’ve got big goals for 2021, and I’ve got a number of changes to the Evo to help me achieve those goals – namely the ATS 1-way front and 1.5-way rear carbon-hybrid differentials. Hoping those will put me over the edge in a few track battles. Minor other changes were added too, the Antgravity D51R battery to shave some weight and have a reserve and the CSF Radiator for reliability and minor weight savings. I still haven’t ran Autobahn with E85, and I’m eager to get back out there as well as try one or two new tracks as well.

Pretty minor here, but I’ve also regreased the rear sway bar. I used the slick tape as well. The Evo has been in storage since 12/27, making it nearly 3 months exactly since it’s been started up. The alignment will be tweaked in the front for a little more camber (-3 to -3.5). The first event will be in Rantoul with CCSCC – first event there in a few years!

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