Alignment 2021 (Evo)

I had already known I was going to want an alignment prior to the start of the season – I was expecting the camber to be a little lower in the front, so I had wanted to get that taken care of – what I didn’t expect was how off the entire car was – glad I had it taken care of. There’s definitely more rear camber now, with a touch of toe-in in the front. This was recommended to me by my tuner. The fronts were a bit shifted however, and I made a point to even up the camber and 0 out the toe. First race of 2021, here we come.

Minor update here – happened to have the Evo at ASM investigating something else, and turned out that the alignment was a bit off. Not sure if it was because of my old busted tires or what, but the alignment has been updated once again (4/7/21):

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