’12 Toyota Prius Daily Driver

2012 Toyota Prius Daily Driver:

  • Blizzard Pearl
  • Five
  • CVT
  • Purchased used on 4/28/17, with 88,300mi


Replacing the Rav4, which replaced the Fit, we purchased a 2012 Prius. We got the “Five,” not to be confused with the V. The Five is the highest trim level, offering all of the standard options of the lower end Priuses, while adding LED headlights as well as 17″ wheels. The Five had higher levels of features through advanced technology packages, but our used model did not come with those. Given the level of commuting I am starting this year, we felt this was the best option for us to get. Affordable, while being nicer and more efficient than the previous generation, without being as ugly as the new generation.

Purchased with 88k miles on the clock, I anticipate we put about 30-40k mi/yr on the car. We were very sad to see the Rav4 go, we felt it was the right car for us, but not the right time. We may own one again in the future, but for now we hope the Prius serves its intended purpose for much longer than the Rav4 did. As usual, my standard modifications will be weathertech mats/liner to protect the carpet, Canvasback cargo liner to protect the rear, window tinting to protect the interior, my eyes, and my skin, and clear bra to protect the hood & fenders from rock chips. Planning to use Amsoil SSO 0w20 in the motor & Red Line D6 in the trans.

Goodbye to our awesome Rav4!