Prius Canvasback Liner

Received & installed my new Canvasback liner for the Prius today! Only post I’ll go into with a little more detail than the last few updates. I got this same liner for my Rav4, and because of how useful it was, repurchased it for the Prius. This arrived very quickly, and they even included a couple dog treats for my pup! The liner protects the back area from mess that can be caused by a dog and in general protects that area. The fit & finish are perfect, and the velcro strips line up perfectly so that it attaches to the back of the rear seat & completely covers the trunk area. No tools or adhesives are necessary, as it completely attaches via velcro.

Dog is currently at my parents but once he comes over I’ll snap a few pics of him the car with it. I believe they also sell flaps to cover the wheel wells & doors, but didn’t feel it was necessary for me. I can say after having used this in the Rav4 that it really protects the rear area from dangerous slobber, hair, and the like! Very happy with my purchase!


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