2018 Season Recap (Evo)

Swapped over the off-season to Evo X brakes for larger rotors as well as CE28N’s in 18×9.5. Car felt good, but the weight from the wheel & brake setup was evident. RSB set to stiff to counter the push. The setup for the Evo was shifting to track, with ST43 brake pads and a Racefab wet sump in addition to prevent oil starve. A Maperformance Setrab Oil cooler was added for better oil cooling, a STM front crash beam for strength and minor weight savings, and an Evo 8 wing, as the Evo 9 wings are hollow inside and can bend at high speed. Belts were all updated to Gates belts this year, as well as an STM alternator pulley that is 10% underdriven, wears the alternator less, and has higher rails so the belt can’t jump off at high RPMs. Was on RT615k+, may still be on them for 2019, but they are no good in terms of steering & grip.

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