SCCA PDX 07072018

Another PDX session with SCCA Chicago region, this time on Autobahn’s full course. With the new autocross car getting prepped, the Evo has moved to full track duty, which means I’ll be leaving the 24psi map on the car, which picked up a modest 10-15hp.

The evo feels good and pulls strong, stronger than the new car. The brake calipers were recently rebuilt AGAIN due to the high-temp boots & seals leaking brake fluid in a few spots. They’ve been replaced with the standard OEM boot & seal, and my hope is the TI shims I’m using will protect them from getting exposed to too much heat. The calipers were flushed & bled, with a “top off” bleed, but I don’t think I got 100% of the air out of the system. Regardless, brakes were flawless with the new Castrol SRF, even with the increased demand of the new, higher power map. I was able to get into 5th in a few spots, but I haven’t determined if that is faster than stretching 4th out to 8k.

The track was fairly crowded, but after I started getting out into the session earlier, I was typically pretty open. This was my first time on the north portion of the course, let alone the full course, so I spent a lot of time feeling out the north side. I certainly wasn’t taking the quickest line, leaving a lot of space & not tracking out in a few spots, even on the south side. Car is still pushing, even with the slightly more aggressive ACD tune & FSB brackets slightly softer. Not big changes, but overall the car feels good and a lot of the push is definitely my driving. I’m still unsure of my braking points, which is leading to a lot of lift pre-turn in. Fastest run was a hair under 2:53, not too bad for my first time out, but I’m looking forward to continuing improving my driving, with the next track day being with NASA’s 2-day HPDE.

Fastest Lap:




Set Up:

  • 24psi tune, 93 octane, 310hp
  • Ohlins DFV, 8k/10k; Shocks 5/5
  • Tanabe FSB; WL 24mm RSB; Full Stiff
  • ER-ACD Tarmac; Cusco RS Rear Diff
  • CE28N 18×9.5; 265/35-18 Falken RT615k+

Key takeaways:

  • RT615k+ still feel meh. Car understeers a little more on this setup, lot of squawk from front of the car during turn-in
  • Braking feels good, need to do another “top off” bleed with the SRF, but overall pedal felt good, maybe a touch softer during braking but not awful
  • Find proper braking zones, usually braking deeper to avoid lifting too much prior to corner entry
  • Continue to work on line, apexing, and powering out of corners. In general, can turn in a little later
  • Add in cornering speed little by little

Notes (Evo):

  • Started at full tank, went nearly empty after the 3 20 minute sessions on Full and actually fuel starved in one corner, which lead me to back off and do a cool down at the end of session 3.
  • Camber at -3.2, -1.9 rear,  0 toe front 0 toe rear
  • 34-36psi all around (RT615k+). One tire was misread on the gauge and I deflated it to around 25psi hot, I believe it was the front driver’s side.
  • ACD (65%): Tarmac, Dampers 5/5 F/R, Cusco FSB Bracket on 2, RSB on stiff
  • 2018 Track days (2 on RT615k+)

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