UOA Evo 07082018

UOA from the Evo using Red Line 30WT (10w30) Racing Oil. Some interesting things to note – the car had 1,500 miles, 4 autox (29 runs) and 2 track days (3x 20min sessions) on it, so the result looks pretty good here. I specifically wanted to test the TBN for the racing oil to see if this was something I could leave in the car for an extended period of time/mileage, and it looks like I can, perhaps do the full racing season on this oil. I think part of being able to use the 30wt Racing Oil comes from having the larger oil pan, so there is physically 50% more oil to use. I’m not sure if that means the wear is 50% more than before, since everything is measured in PPM, but either way it is a good result. I’m tempted to try the thicker 40wt Racing Oil, but based on the result I think that will be unnecessary.

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