RaceFab Wet Sump Evo 8-9

Finally got the RaceFab wet sump installed. The Racefab wet sump is a heavily modified stock Evo oil pan. The wet sump comes with built in baffles, trap doors, and 2-2.5 extra quarts of capacity, making the total about 6-6.5 qts. It should help oil pressures in high-g right hand turns, which is more commonly encountered on track – though it will help in autox and in general as well. The oil pickup has been moved farther back, further improving oil pressure by placing the pickup where the oil will be upon acceleration.

More oil is always a good thing, as it will be able to absorb more heat and have a higher total amount of additives in the system. The increased oil capacity means there will physically be less chance of oil starving. The only downside to that will be it will take longer to heat up, though that will not really be an issue with the evo.

Doubly glad I got the downpipe ceramic coated, as it is all very close. The only con is the location of the drain plug, which is sure to drench the subframe brace that is right behind it. Not a big deal but worth noting. Bonus – it clears the stock plastic undertray!

This concludes my final oiling solution to address evo oil starvation:

  1. Kiggly HLA – the head tends to overflow with oil, and the HLA is pressure regulated to only allow enough oil the head needs. The increased oil capacity of the new pan will help the Kiggly’s aim of keeping more oil in the pan.
  2. Tomei crank slicer installed. This is a more complete solution to bolting on a regular slicer/scraper. It is 3 slicers, including one bolted onto the replacement windage tray. This should keep less oil circulating around the cap, and “slice” off extra to stay in the sump.
  3. This pan. Pics below.

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