2020 Season Recap (Evo)

Major changes came during the 2020 season in the form of an E85 tune, and wow – hard to believe I held off on doing it. With the introduction of the tow car, life on E85 has been very easy, with 20 gallons on board the Sequoia, along with all tools needed to service the Evo. The fact that the tune was a dual map helped me take the leap forward, being able to flip between 93 and E85 in a very simple process. The car improved marginally over the season, and set a few new track records along with going to some brand new tracks. The rebuilt/revalved Ohlins didn’t serve too great of a change, and the popping turned out to be just rubber springs at the tops of the Ohlins. The best part of 2020 was that I was able to verify that the Evo suffered no major damage or failures from the accident that resulted in a somehow slower car.

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