2020 Wrap-up & Future Plans (Sequoia)

I’ve only had the Sequoia for 3 months now, which is incredible to think of because of how much driving we’ve done in it. I’ve driven the car a total of 5,500 miles so far, and I’ve towed the Evo 4 times now, twice to Wisconsin and twice to Michigan. Towing has been easier than expected, and my girlfriend and I love spending the non-racing time in the Sequoia (rather than the Evo) eating or doing work. A good chunk of the work done on the Sequoia this year was clean-up & maintenance. Complete brake overhaul, including new front and rear calipers, ss brake lines, pads, and rotors. All fluid flushes, including drivetrain, and replacement of misc. rusted out suspension bits. New front and rear sway bar to remove the roll in the car. Misc. interior bits like dash cams, floor liners, cargo liners, etc. Yes, the MPG has been awful, particularly when towing, but the Sequoia makes up for it in so many other ways.

Modifications/Maintenance done this year:

With no signs of slowing down in racing, towing, or traveling, we are looking forward to next year. No major plans with the Sequoia for 2021, as most of the setup was done this year, in the few months that I had the car. I may replace the front endlinks, as they are clunking, but aside from that I really hope to spend as little as possible on this car.


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