Canvasback Rear Liner (Sequoia)

We are big fan of Canvasback liners for our daily drivers, and with all the hauling the Sequoia does, it was a sure thing to get a set for this car as well. The liner is a little more involved than our other cars, as the captains chairs get 2 sets – one for when it’s fully extended, and one for when it isn’t. There is a minor design flaw for the liners when the captains chairs flaps are not down – in order to line it up as designed, the liner actually covers the velcro on the back of the seat that holds the flap in place. I moved the liner beneath the velcro for now, but I am hoping they will update the design.

Captain’s chairs:

The rear liners are perfect, lining up whether the seats are up or down. To get the clean look when the seats are up, I make sure the liner goes in behind the flap as the seat rises.


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