TRD Front & Rear Sway Bars (Sequoia)

Given that this is my first large SUV, let alone full-size body on frame SUV, I had difficulty getting used to the Sequoia’s roll in corners. The entire car felt like it was going to tip over, and I was not able to get used to the feeling. There are not a lot of options when it comes to suspension on the Sequoia, but I knew I would not want anything like springs or shocks, especially given the electronics of the rear.

The only sway bar options for the Sequoia that I was able to find were the factory TRD sway bars. These were introduced for the TRD Sequoia and were listed as a part for the 2018-2020 Sequoia. Fortunately, this car is mechanically almost identical between 2008 and 2020, so I knew the sway bars would fit, regardless of what models Toyota listed would fit. When we compared the diameters of the standard sway bars and the TRD sway bars, we found that they were identical. It seems the main difference is that the standard sway bars are hollow, whereas the TRD sway bars are solid – as evidenced by the huge weight difference.

The difference post-install was huge, and the Sequoia does not roll nearly as much as it used to. The other bonus is that sway bars don’t really effect ride comfort, as long as there isn’t too much side-to-side bumpiness on the street. They fit perfectly and I am really happy with them. And a bonus – they are bright red!

Front sway bar:

Rear sway bar – the rear bars were a little trickier than the fronts; it passes over the driveshaft and the shape was a little more complex overall:


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