2008-2020 Toyota Sequoia Front Brakes How-To

This is a how-to for the 2008-2020 (Gen 2) Toyota Sequoia standard front brakes. This post will go over replacing the front pads and front rotors. Rear pads & rotors, as well as bleeding the brakes, will be reviewed in a separate post. Do all work at your own risk.

Items/Tools Required:

  • 3T + jack & stands
  • 10, 12, 17, and 22mm socket
  • Breaker bar
  • Panel popping tool (or flat head)
  • Punch or thin tool
  • Pad separator
  • Front Pads (I chose Powerstop Z36 pads)
  • Wire brush
  • Antiseize

Trying this slideshow method for the how-to to see how it goes. If it’s unreadable, I may go back to the step-by-step and picture by picture in page, but overall this was much easier than inserting picture, then words, and repeating.

The Z36 pads seem really heavy duty. Akin to most high-performance pads, they require a bedding in procedure that is specifically laid out in the box. Hoping they live up to their name, and have good initial cold bite and low dust. Perfect pad for the Sequoia if they do. The rotors I chose were plain Centric blanks. Since they are vented, I did not feel the need to go with anything like a slotted rotor, though that may have been cool. The calipers will definitely need to be replaced sometime in the future, as rust has taken a pretty good hold of them.


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