Carbing Tow Hook & Caliper Rebuild (Evo)

Following the discovery of a stuck piston in the Evo’s caliper, I decided to get these rebuilt by the same guy who has been doing them.

The calipers this time were built with high temp dust boots and OEM pistons. We’ll see how this combo works – hoping it performs faithfully at Road America. I’m actually curious how these will turn out compared to the Racing Brake stainless steel pistons I’ve been using. Stainless steel transfers less heat but does also get much, much hotter than aluminum. Hopefully this will let my dust seals last a little longer – especially since I’m already using ti shims, what I need most is heat evacuation, not slow heat transfer. Once the heat is built it’s there and steel can’t dump it, while aluminum can – that’s my hypothesis anyway.

While waiting for the calipers, the Carbing tow hook that I ordered 4 months ago finally arrived, and the install process was simple. The tow hook & attachment plate follow the line of the body where the factory tow hook is, and is held on by 2 12mm bolts. As a bonus – it matches the Brembos!


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