Sequoia Minor & Misc 2020 Updates

Decided to compile all the other 2020 updates I had for the Sequoia here, as they are all fairly minor, including:

  • New dashcam
    • This is the same one I use in the Prius now as well, which records both forwards and behind.
  • 4-way Plug extension
    • We don’t ever expect to use 4 plugs, but it allows us to plug in things that didn’t really fit due to how tight the placement of the plug is behind the center console
  • Likewise, I purchased an extension cable in case we ever need power from the car – I keep this is the container under the trunk.
  • Convex Mirror
    • I set this up to help line up the Evo as I drive it up the trailer. You still have to be accurate getting the car up, but this helps with minor adjustments. I may get a larger one though.
  • Servo Motor
    • The Sequoia’s HVAC system suddenly stopped working properly. I first noticed this in the late summer shortly after we got the car, but it would take 30-45s for the HVAC to start up after starting the car. Turned out this is a pretty common failure point with the car; the little plastic gears that control the HVAC can break/go back, it’s a bit of a bear to replace. Indeed, the first two servo motors I received from the dealership arrived with broken plastic bits. HVAC working smoothly again after these were replaced.
  • Tow hitch cover
    • This took a few attempts to get – even the OEM cover seems not to fit perfectly, but finally I got one of these which covers the entire thing, and cut off the flap that it’s supposed to hook on by – the space between the hitch and bumper is too tight to use that part, but it otherwise fits nice and snug and has stayed in the car well.
  • Pep’s Seat
    • After graduating, I took my dog back with me as I no longer travel every Friday-Saturday. As a double bonus for him, I work from home now and pretty much spend the entire day with him. We got a nice seat setup for him in one of the captains chairs, as he travels with us when I go on track days. The old autox box I use fits perfectly in front of the seat, and with some blankets we have a nice level for him and a smaller bed that he can hang out on on our drives. This also prevents him from scratching up the leather seats.
  • Grocery Net
    • Never really thought I needed one of these before, but on a slight angle it seems pretty easy for groceries to fall out of the Sequoia. The net either keeps them in place or I use it to put groceries in so they don’t slide around to begin with.


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