Gingerman and a Blown 4G63

Been dragging my feet on this post for a bit. The Evo recently blew at Gingerman Raceway, and we’ve been running around trying to fix it ever since. Now that it has been fixed, a short debrief:

I had Tom take a quick spin in the car at Gingerman, and after a quick hotlap something happened – the car pulled timing and boost, and after Tom pulled the car in, we noted it was making a noise, and pulled it over by ASM’s crew. I was hoping it was related to a recent install, but the crew suspected engine damage – most likely from oil starve. I found it hard to believe, given the modifications the car had to prevent that.

After dropping the car back at ASM, I drove back up, picked up the car, and dropped it at RS Motors – who had a fresh OEM block in waiting, in case that was the issue. It was indeed – the block had scoring in cylinder 4, which looked to have overheated somehow, meaning the engine ran lean. Upon inspection it looks like a solenoid on the fuel pressure regulator broke off, causing the car to run lean and detonate. In other words, a freak accident.

The repair was extensive – new shortblock, various new items replacing old busted ones. The car made about 360whp on RS Motors’ dyno, which is about what a stock turbo motor with boltons and e85 should make. The car is back together, and after some break-in, I will be taking it to Autobahn Country Club to race again.

Tom got about 1.5 hot laps in it before the car went at Gingerman, and still managed a 1:37.4 in the car – a very good sign, and something for me to target when I get back out there.

Pictures of the motor:

Set Up (Evo):

  • Ohlins DFV (Custom valved); Shocks 3/5
  • OEM FSB 4/5; WL 26mm RSB: Soft
  • RE-ACD: Tarmac; ATS 1-way CH Front Differential; ATS 1.5-way CH Rear Differential
  • Camber at -3.5, -2.5 rear, 0 Toe F/R
  • Brakes F: Girodisc 2-pc & ST41s Brakes R: Girodisc 2-pc & ST43s
  • CE28N 18×9.5; 255/35-18 Falken RT660
  • 35psi
  • New shortblock after this

Notes (Evo):

  • 2021 Evo: 11 autox runs, 14 track sessions (89 on the new Falkens)

2021 Event Count: 1 Autox, 4 Track Days


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