2019 Season Recap (Evo)

The OS Giken differential swap & the larger rear sway bar are both part of an effort to shift the Evo’s balance towards neutral. Those are the two largest changes, with minor updates for everything else. I am switching to the RE71Rs after I do some 1-for-1 comparisons with the new differential on both track configurations. The new wheels are on their way, the very last batch of CE28N’s to be produced. I am going with the 18×9.5 +28 offset, which is nearly identical to my 18×9.5 +34 offset. With a tiny bit more poke out, I run the risk of rubbing with the rear fenders, but given the current sizing, I should be okay. The current set is extremely close to the inside suspension, and with some movement I imagine is making contact at certain points/loads. The new set should somewhat fix that. The end of 2019 saw disaster strike as I spun the car into a tire wall, with the front end of the car practically demolished…

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