Last Event 2019 – Laps, Inc. & Disaster

Hard to talk about this one – had an ice cold event today instructing with Laps, Inc. The track was cold, so each session I took a decent warm up lap. I had a solid lap during the second session, nailing a 2:45.45 – on the phone GPS, but the stopwatch confirms it. I was certain to go even faster with a more open lap on warmer tires, but it was not to be. On the 3rd session, taking my student out to view the course, I hit the tire wall in 1. The tires were cold, and I was planning to and did go so slow that I didn’t even record the incident. I let off in 1, and the tires suddenly let go, totally catching me off guard. At that point, I can try to gun it and get through the exit road with the risk of going head on into the other barrier. It’s unfathomable what happened.

The repair estimate is going to be around 12k, plus probably 2k once they open it up and see the rest of the damage. I couldn’t get the hood open, but there is certain to be more. Unfortunately, the car is going to be down and out for quite a while…



2 thoughts on “Last Event 2019 – Laps, Inc. & Disaster

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