Stl Solo 03272022

First event of 2022 to dial in a host of changes for the Evo. Unfortunately, the conditions were just not ideal for really dialing in the car. Got to run in 3rd heat, but temps stayed around low 40s all day, and with the amount of drivers per heat, the tire temps were ice cold by the time the next run came around. Hard to really say much about the evo’s behavior with the new mods, as the evo always tended to be loose when the tires were cold. Every other run resulted in some misbehavior in the car, with tires cold and a chassis-upsetting bump just prior to corner 1. I started with the shocks at 8/7, and went to 4/7 to stiffen the front and another click softer to 8 in the rear to help it over the bump. I was definitely pleased that the car seemed much more willing to turn in the particularly tight stuff, and I’m interested in seeing how that plays out on the track.

The real surprise here was the braking performance, which was abysmal. I am really, really disappointed in how these brakes performed today, though to be fair, the performance did improve over the next few sessions. Perhaps I did not bed them in as well as they needed to be, but it seems like this event did the trick, as the braking did slowly improve lap after lap. My fast run ended up with a cone, but surprisingly decent result for the evo this event given the tweaks to the car I’m making.

Fastest raw time – 47.480 +1
All runs from the day, starting with Run 5

Set Up (Evo):

  • Ohlins DFV (Custom valved); Shocks 4/8
  • OEM FSB 4/5; WL 26mm RSB: Soft
  • RE-ACD: Gravel; ATS 1-way CH Front Differential; ATS 1.5-way CH Rear Differential
  • Camber at -3.5 0 toe, -3 rear, 1/16 toe-in
  • Brakes F: AP Racing 8350, DS3.12; Brakes R: Girodisc 2-pc & ST43s
  • CE28N 18×9.5; 255/35-18 Falken RT660
  • 36psi

Notes (Evo):

  • 2021 Evo: 5 autox runs, 0 track sessions, 5 autox runs on Falkens

2022 Event Count: 1 Autox


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