GPS Track Time 09082019

First ever track day in the M3. Had been watching the weather all week, and while it was up and down once the day had arrived it had completely poured. The track was completely wet – not how I wanted to spend my first track day in a RWD car, let alone my M3.

The morning sessions in the wet were disastrous. Without leaving the traction control on, I almost had no control over the car. Any time I hit the gas, the rear end wanted to step out, and corners taken at 60% of normal speeds was about as fast as I could go. Pushing any harder than that, and the car would slide out. Luckily, things began drying off in the afternoon – leading to further dangerous situations, as it’s difficult to tell when it’s ok to run like dry and where it’s still wet – leading to a clench moment for the main straight, when I went WOT.

Finally, for the 6th and 7th sessions, things had really begun to dry off. I was able to drive pretty much the dry line, while still being sensitive with throttle control. I managed to click off a 1:39.65 in the 6th session, and a 1:39.74 in the 7th session, with a very poor C1 due to passing at the last minute. I’ve got 2 more days in the M3, and I think that may be it for the car for track days.

Overall, very impressed with the M3’s capabilities. While the car is undoubtedly softer than the Evo, the limits for the car are pretty high – I hit similar top speeds in the M3 while cornering 6-7mph slower in most corners. The gearing is better for the M3 on this track, and the brakes are very, very good. The braking points I used were similar to the Evo’s, and the brakes were consistent and fade-free. Getting on power was much easier in the dry, and the fastest laps were done with traction control off.

Quickest Lap:

Second quickest, with blown C1 due to passing:

3 Consecutive Laps in S6

Full on Wet Lap in Session 3:

Set Up:

  • Stock, 93 octane
  • M-mode off, Power off, Shocks on 2, TC off
  • Brakes F: OEM & Ferodo DS2500s; Brakes R: OEM & Ferodo DS2500s
  • Apex ARC8 in 18×9+30 & 18×10+25; 275/35-18 Bridgestone RE71Rs
  • Various levels of fuel throughout track
  • 33/32psi


  • Look up, look ahead
  • Be more aggressive
  • Smooth out throttle and braking – tip into them
  • Smooth out steering
  • Roll more speed into corner 1, longer trail braking to carry speed in here
  • More gentle trail braking for all corners
  • Release brake while turning to avoid car being too loose
  • Don’t swing so hard to the right for T9 & T11
  • Can do a whole session on one tank
  • 55 autox runs, 7 track sessions on tires

Tuning changes for next time:

  • None, flip tires and maybe alignment tweak

2019 Track Days: 4 (3 Evo, 1 M3)

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