Return of the King – BSCC 05312020 (Evo)

The Evo is finally back at it, at its first event since the accident last year. I’m happy to report that everything is back to normal on the car. I forgot just how fast this thing is. It is just on a different level, both power and handling.

Exhausted between work, school, moving, and car prep, I was wavering on whether I should actually make the event or not. I decided I should, given that I still needed to scrub in the brand new tires, and wanted to test out the new suspension setup. The only significant changes from last year, which aren’t all that significant, were going from the Tanabe FSB to the stock FSB, while adding new Ciro brackets that allow me to set the stock FSB stiffer, and the custom-valved Ohlins. I set the rear sway bar back to soft as well.

The day was picture-perfect, a much needed change. Between everything we’ve been doing at home, my feet have been getting brutalized, and can barely stand as I type this. I guess 2 1/2 months of doing nothing, then jumping into setting up course and moving two weeks straight didn’t really let me ease back into it.

The Evo on the other hand was feeling no pain. There was some creaking and popping after the accident/alignment that completely went away after the first run. The car likely shifted the FSB back into it’s rightful position. The car was surprisingly on the pushy side. I had figured the FSB going back to stock would have really shifted the balance towards being very loose, but that was not the case. Perhaps the brackets preserved much of the stiffness the Tanabe bar provided – I believe that bar is not much stiffer than stock anyway. The car just stuck, and I think I will leave it in this setting for the first track day.

I didn’t get a clean run in this day, which is fine as I was just trying to get the tires scrubbed in. Still waiting on an official first track day, but it is looking likely that it will be June 17. I would be lying if I said I weren’t nervous about it, but I need to get back out there before the Grid Life TA.

Set Up:

  • 24psi tune, 93 octane, 310hp
  • Custom-valved Ohlins DFV, 8k/11k; Shocks 6/5
  • Stock FSB; WL 26mm RSB; Soft
  • ER-ACD (65%) Tarmac; OS Giken Rear Diff
  • Camber at -3.5, -1.8 rear,  0 toe F/R
  • 3/4ths tank
  • CE28N 18×9.5; 255/35-18 Bridgestone RE71Rs
  • 36psi all around on RE71Rs

Notes (Evo):

  • Brake earlier, don’t rush back into throttle
  • 2020 Track days (0)
  • 2020 Runs (6)

2020 Run Count: 12 (+6 Evo)

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