Custom Valved Ohlins (Evo)

Just in – newly custom valved Ohlins for the 2020 season and beyond! This has been in the plans for some time now, and with quite a bit of wear and tear on my 7 year old Ohlins, I decided to sell that set and install a new, custom valved set for the Evo. For the first time, these are custom valved to my specific spring rates by Ohlins.

I will probably keep my Swift springs on these coilovers, though as I understand it Ohlins uses Hypercoil springs anyway, which is a comparable brand. Based on the shock dyno, these were valved linearly – a little surprised about that vs a digressive valving. Basically what digressive valving provides is more stiffness from the get-go, rather than building up to it, which is what linear valving does. In that sense, this may be why Ohlins ride as well as they do for street applications, and I assume this is how the off-the-shelf coilovers are valved.

I took a bit more care assembling these on my own, and I think I did a really good job with the painter’s tape on the rear. For the front, the bottom can easily be handled by tape, but I may use some plumbers tape for the upper portion. Additionally, I may add some covers to protect the coilover entirely, as taking better care of the threads was one of my big regrets with my original set of coilovers.

So clean:


Finally got them on the car on 4/22 – one of the big benefits of a McStrut car is how easy it is to get the suspension on and off. Large amounts of caster are used to counteract the negative effects of having mcstrut to begin with, which is what these Ciro camber/caster plates allow me to achieve – at least an improvement over stock. Looking forward to one day getting the car back on the road…

New design has threads from top to bottom for the front struts:


Sticker which denotes these are custom valved, and installed:



All of the caster (driver side & passenger side):


New whiteline bumpsteer kit (torn), superpro duro3741k (torn) are on their way, as well as a superpro steering precision kit, the OEM FSB with new bushings, and ciro endlinks & mounts, to round out some suspension tweaks, plus an alignment & corner balance. Will also swap in the 200 cell cat for a 100 cell cat, and swap the ultraquiet resonator for a regular one, to get a little more clearance on the road.

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