Evo Project: Quiet Exhaust pt. 2

One of the things that had been bothering me when I left off with the final exhaust setup was how the muffler was angled – this was due to the shop not wanting to take the time to fab up the piping necessary to get the muffler flat. I decided to buy some mandrel bent steel and take it to a different shop to see if they couldn’t get the muffler tucked up a bit better.

It took a lot of various cuts, and turns out fitment is tricky for cars with the JDM rear bumper – spacing is way tighter, and if you want the muffler to be tucked in, the exhaust needs some pretty sharp turns in order to make it. The shop was able to pull it off however, and I’ve felt no adverse effects in power from the re-routing. after the new muffler was installed, it turned out the old tip i had was way too long for the car. I sourced a generic one on Amazon and had the shop weld on the new tip today.



Mock-up of After:


Fully installed:


New Tip:


One last update (9/22): While the diff (and thus exhaust) was out of the car to get reworked by TRE, I decided to get the exhaust piping coated as well. It passes by the rear sway bar bushing very closely, so I thought it would be a good idea to at least try to mitigate the heat there:



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