Rebuilt Brembo Calipers (Evo)

Had the Brembos rebuilt for the Evo, initially to replace and see if any softness was due to the calipers/condition of them. There were a few minor leaks on the backs of the calipers from the lines as well, and it turned out driver’s side caliper was leaking, looks to be a torn piston seal. Both of these problems can cause some softness in the pedal.

I also replaced the lines from AMS lines – the rears had some wear on them through the nylon coating, though no leaks were formed from it – to Stoptech SS lines. Both look to be a great quality, but figured it was worthwhile to do this lines while I was at it. Did a power flush with motul RBF660, and that seems to have gotten all the air – on first flush, the brakes are already feeling very firm. It may be that for large chunks of air, such as when replacing calipers, the power bleeder may be better to use, as it will provide a constant source of pressure through the lines.

New calipers look great, and will test out this weekend at the track. Seems like there are no leaks in the system as well.


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