DBA Rotors & Girodisc S/S Pads

Part of my ongoing effort to improve my brake system post-road race, I’ve swapped the pads and rotors out. Rear rotors were okay, but fronts were showing some pitting/abnormal wear. That plus wearing out the pads on the rotors probably wasn’t a good idea.

Went with 2 piece DBA5000 in the front, and DBA4000 in the rear. Both are slotted rotors to help with venting and have DBA’s patented heat ventilation system. One of my takeaways from the track day was that I want to prevent heat as much as possible in the brakes setup. In addition to the rotors, I got titanium shims to go all around, that actually sit on top of the shims the pads came with. Titanium shims have very poor heat conductivity, and the idea is they act as a heat shield. While the fronts need most of the attention, I figure the less heat I introduce to the system as a whole, the better.

The Girodisc S/S pads were an alternative to the Ferodos I was going to get. Their specs are very similar, with Girodisc modeling the pads after the Ferodos. From what I’ve seen bedding them in, they have impressive bite and consistency.

The swap itself was very easy. The calipers in the front are removed with 2 19mm bolts, and the rears with 2 17mm bolts. The old ones come off and the new ones go on. My rears were actually stuck, but I used 2 m8x1.5 screws to pop them off, and then the process was simple after that. I used a pad separator from Amazon to push the pistons all the way back, 4 in the fronts and 2 in the rears. The pad holding setup is very straightforward in the Evo, with a pin that holds everything, including a spring that holds the pads in place. The pads came with shims, and I used titanium shims on top of that, everything slathered in brake grease to ensure the setup would stay quiet.

Unfortunately this didn’t fix the soft brake problem, so the master cylinder is going on next!

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