StlSolo 2016-8 08282016

8th points event of the season in StlSolo – had been looking forward to it to pick up a few spots in index – while I had the potential, ultimately I fell short. I had two faster runs (with passengers) that I ultimately coned. I had two shots to put down a faster time (was hoping for around a 46 flat) and just could not do it. I ran around a 47.0 or so clean, and only 5 runs today in the scorching heat.

I also took a run in fun in the evo to compare how the Evo and the Mini were under my driving. As far as timed, clean runs go, this event is the first time the Evo has ever indexed the Mini – raw time of 44.394, and in index time of 37.513 – vs the Mini’s 37.525, just about a tenth of a second of difference. Big improvement as far as the Evo goes, and definitely a positive sign. My driving in the Evo is far from perfect and there is definitely a lot to improve. That said, overall a great result for the Evo on what I would say is a very Mini friendly course that I screwed up for the Mini.

Also helped a friend in the RX8 with his driving, as well as a novice Evo driver. Was a fun day overall despite the heat!


Things to work on (Evo):

  • Line still needs work, leaving a lot of distance out there
  • Tighter on slaloms
  • A little too focused on getting back on the throttle, causing me to miss lines

Notes (Evo):

  • 1/3rd tank
  • 35psi all around
  • ACD: Gravel; Dampers: 5 from stiff all around, RSB: middle
  • 2016 Runs: 40 in the Evo tires

Things to work on (Mini):

  • Try to carry a little more speed in corners.
  • Push harder

Notes (Mini):

  • 2/9ths tank
  • Ran 40/44
  • Pax Points: 9,799
  • Distance from 10th: 0.18s
  • 2016 Runs: 88 in the Mini tires

2016 Run Count: 118 (+5 Evo, +5 Mini)

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