CIR 08272016

Good event today with CIR. Went from the north end at Rantoul – course flowed decently, but had a few really painful pinches. The course was definitely not very Evo friendly – i.e., I consider a course Mini friendly when it has a lot of slaloms, transitions, is fast (so I can maintan speed) and doesn’t have many if any digs. For the Evo, there’s only a couple things it really needs to separate itself from the pack – a decent launch, which is relatively rare – but definitely not this tight right-left into a slalom start. The other thing is to have corners that have big power out acceleration zones after. The Evos AWD system is great for pulling out of corners – where there was almost none of in this course. Almost every corner led into a tight spot where the Evo couldn’t really make use of its AWD.

Regardless, I think the Evo handled the course well. I’ve got the setup pretty much nailed now, at least for Rantoul, and the car feels very, very stable. Aside from the start, the car felt great, until I overheated the tires (on a 7th run for a rerun). CIR split the morning and afternoon runs though, which worked well thanks to the low numbers, and after to middling afternoon runs (3 plus another rerun), I was able to put down a flyer with a 49.683. I maintained aggressiveness coming out of the start, and shifted early into 3rd going down the front straight. Hard on the brakes and downshift for the tight u-turn, which surprised me how well the Evo was able to do it without washing out the front end. Early on the gas to get out of the turn and carry speed through the first kink, brake and wiggle around into the 2nd u-turn. Once I started slowing down enough for this turn (which pretty much involved me staying on/feathering the brakes), I picked up some time there. Back around to the slalom in the back, which I never got very well, and feathered the throttle through the keyhole and on the gas before braking hard to get through the eyelashes. There was another tight turn that opened up better than how it walked – just a lift/brush of the brakes to get through the kink, and flat out until a hard braking zone. What separated a lot of the drivers was how they were able to proceed next – some drivers hadn’t braked enough and stayed near the brakes, practically coasting to the finish. The drivers that braked enough for the front zone were able to wiggle through and apply gas nearly the rest of the way. I got this down decently a few times, which helped me pick up the speed.

Really impressed with how the Evo is taking these tight corners. Before a lot of these mods, tight corners were a huge struggle for me in the Evo. With the current set up, I have enough grip to brake, not overwhelm the front tires, and have the grip to continue the turn rather than plow through. It’s also yawing really well through tighter chicane like corners, without being unstable in offsets and slaloms – whatever it is, I don’t want to change a thing on this car! Also of note, I am very much picking up the inside rear tire on tighter corners – not really a problem with the salisbury rear diff though, as it sends power to the wheel with traction.

Things to work on (Evo):

  • Line still needs work, leaving a lot of distance out there
  • Tighter on slaloms
  • Smooth out steering

Notes (Evo):

  • 1/3rd tank
  • 36psi all around
  • ACD: Gravel; Dampers: 5 from stiff all around, RSB: middle
  • 2016 Runs: 35 in the Evo

2016 Run Count: 108 (+11 Evo)

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