InfiniteEvo Wet Sump Pan

The Racefab is a good wet sump pan. The InfiniteEvo pan is a great wet sump pan. The InfiniteEvo pan is very similar to the Racefab, but it adds one crucial component – an oil pressure regulator. The oil pressure regulator is connected to a feed from the oil filter housing. The difference is how much pressure this oil pan generates vs the Racefab. There is marginal drop off in the pressure, sure, but the difference between this and the Racefab pan is astounding – particularly in the right hand turns, where Evo 8/9s struggle to hold pressure. This pan holds pressure more consistently than the Racefab, and is a true wet sump solution for my build. The car still takes roughly 6.5qts of oil, though it does go back to using the stock oil pickup tube.

In the image below, the bottom purple line shows the oil pressure of the InfiniteEvo (purple line) vs. the Racefab (white line). Given the differential, it is perhaps feasible to consider that maybe my Evo’s issues were also caused by losing oil pressure and therefore oil starve in corners..


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