2″ Brake Ducting

Another item that was upgraded mid-season – I finally installed 2″ brake ducting on my Evo, using binary’s mounting bracket and some high temp hosing. This was a fairly simple process, and there’s only one way the bracket can attach itself to the back of the caliper.

After that, I simply mounted the hosing directly onto the front bumper. I chose to forgo using any kind of inlet on these, as on the passenger’s side, this will steal a small amount of air from the oil cooler. I haven’t noticed any difference in oil temps post-install, however. I also opted to keep the brake air guides on the car. They had to be trimmed a bit to accommodate the ducts, but they should still be directing a small amount of air in that direction.

From forums, people have said the 2″ ducting wasn’t worth anything, but based on my test it seems these have done quite well – on a fairly warm track day, these stood up through the entire session, with the brakes feeling nice and firm all the way through the session – a pleasant surprise. These should also help keep the caliper and brake pads lasting a little longer.

As a side note, turns out my front inner control arm bushings have been failing for a while. This explains much of the braking instability, as well as the car wandering to the left. These are likely quite old, as they are the whiteline yellow bushings – the design has been changed for a while, to black bushings which is what is on the car now. Part #W0593. This was noticed first at NCM, and since the replacement, the car has been much more stable.


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