New Custom Endlinks (Evo)

Was having some clunking issues with my whiteline endlinks in the front and rear – as much as I tightened up the rears, the endlinks would randomly clunk over small vibrations on the road – really minor and not that loud, but enough to drive me crazy. The fronts only clunk under heavy load in cornering, but they did these on the stock endlinks and the WL endlinks, so I don’t anticipate this will fix anything. The construction of the WL endlinks are nice, but they are apparently notorious for clunking. I wasn’t crazy about having to hold a 5mm hex to tighten/loosen the endlink bolts, and and I didn’t like the serrated washer nut, which has scarred up my sway bar.

I went with the set as described on this website:

No instructions, but really easy to assemble just from looking at the pictures. The backs use 9/16ths – not crazy about the non-metric setup, but still better than holding the 5mm hex to hold the endlink still. I set them up, installed, and the clunk was immediately gone. I haven’t tested the front end clunk yet, but I will see if it makes any noise at the autocross this weekend. The only thing I’m iffy about on these is the articulation seems less than the WL’s in the joints – I don’t think they need that much, but still seemed a little strained/angled, particularly in the front. The construction, while good, is not as beefy as the WL’s, which I would have liked to see. They’re also not as sealed as the WL’s, but I don’t think that will be too much of a problem given my driving. They were also coated with Boeshield T9 for extra protection.

A lot going on with home, work, and other stuff these past few weeks, but hoping to get back into the event groove soon.

Pics below.

Fully assembled:

Front comparison:

Rear Comparison:

Installed in front:

PS, anyone want to buy some Whiteline endlinks?? lol

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