Racing Brake Brembo Calipers

Been looking for a solution for my soft brakes since the track day – flushes, new pads, new brake master cylinder, and finally new calipers. My suspicion is that the calipers’ pistons and/or seals started to go bad after the track day, prompting a replacement or a rebuild. Had a few different options for what I wanted to do – have friends powdercoat & rebuild the calipers or have a shop powdercoat the calipers & rebuild. Heard from Racing Brake that they had one set of rebuilt calipers left, so I decided to pick them up, with the stainless steel pistons & high temp brake seals.

The stainless steel pistons should improve the feel as well as prevent heat transfer between the pads & the fluid, in addition to the titanium shims. The high temp seals should also be able to resist the heat better, but in exchange they are sensitive to brake fluids. Pics below.


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