StlSolo 2016-9 10022016

Had an event today codriving the #1 driver in our region’s STS CRX at Family Arena. It was a great opportunity to test drive the car on a course that was fairly similar to the last event we had, where I had both the Evo & the Mini.

While it was initially difficult to adjust to the car, I slowly started to get the hang of it and a little more comfortable pushing the car. The car was initially very loose on cold tires, but my Mini is similar in that regard. The car stuck fairly well afterward, while remaining loose enough to rotate. I couldn’t get a great handle on slowing down smoothly without invoking the rotation, except trying to brake in a straight line when possible.

The course was very similar in raw time to the last course, so I will use it as a proxy with the understanding that the times are going to give or take a few tenths. I ended up 1.555s behind with my last run in the CRX. In the Evo at the last event, I was 1.28s slower than the CRX, and in the Mini I was 4.024s behind, thought it was far from my best event in the Mini. Given the suspension setup between the cars, and the 205mm/1875lbs in the CRX vs the 245/3200 in the Evo, I wouldn’t be surprised if these cars were very similar in raw time on the autox course.

It was nice hearing the car/engine over the wind noise for once:

Index results here.
Class results here.
Raw time results here.

Things to work on:

  • Chicanes need work
  • Smooth out steering & inputs


  • Pax Points: 9,659

2016 Run Count: 130 (+5 CRX)

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