The Evo is BACK!

Been a very quiet off-season with the Evo out of commission, but I finally picked up the car yesterday, after a month or so at the body shop, mainly waiting on various parts.

The car looked like it was in bad shape, but once you opened it up – well it still looked pretty bad to my eyes. O’hare Auto Body did a great job restoring the car, and I knew I could trust them given they had an Evo enthusiast on the staff.

Basically, the car got a new front bumper, everything that goes with that, new rear bumper, new headlights, various new support pieces etc. The car is basically back to perfect now, and though it set me back quite a lot of money and my off-season plans for the car this year, I’m happy it’s ready to go. Still sorting out a noise here that may be a random bushing or axle, but the car is otherwise running quite well, no boost leaks thankfully.

Next up is to rebuild the ohlins, get a few bushings, and see if I can’t diagnose where the popping noise at full lock is coming from.





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