Red Line Oil Sponsorship 2020

Excited to formally announce my partnership with Red Line Oil for the 2020 racing season! They have time and time again proven to be the best wearing oil in all my cars and I am humbled to be sponsored by them once again.

I track all my UOAs here and for the track cars, I have consistently seen the best wear coming out of the racing fluids, which pack an extraordinary amount of ZDDP in them. Despite being short interval oils, I’ve done TBNs on both the Evo and the M3, and even with the track days, these oils can handle about 3k miles of driving, which includes to and from events – which is about the interval I put on my racing cars anyway.

Here is a great video that goes over the benefits of Red Line Oil’s products. If you guys are interested learning more or purchasing some fluids, please head over to and follow me @qlmotorsport on Instagram for my latest updates!


– Q


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