New Sponsor – Ross Sport

Big thanks to my newest sponsor, Ross Sport! These guys are big Evo enthusiasts in the UK, and were able to play a major role in helping me rebuild my car due to their crazy deals on EDM parts. The EDM stuff is the same as the JDM stuff, at around 60% of the cost. Way cheaper for basically the same stuff. Was finally able to get some JDM Evo 9 MR tail lights to replace my JDM 8 MR Tails. If I’m honest, I actually prefer the matte black of the JDM 8 MR tail lights, but I prefer factory style most of all.

Please check them out if you are in need of JDM parts – you won’t be disappointed!



One thought on “New Sponsor – Ross Sport

  1. Hello are the EDM headlights the same as JDM I know the JDM headlights are plug and play wanted to make sure the EDM ones are too. I have a non-hid car so I am looking for the JDM Evo 9 black chrome non-hids just want to make sure they are plug and play.

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