Evo 8 Wing Swap

Was lucky enough to score an Evo 8 wing in Wicked White recently. This is a mod I’ve always meant to do on the white Evo, if I happened to come across it. Evo 9 wings are weaker than Evo 8 wings, and heavy winds are able to bend or break these wings. The wing on my old black Evo broke in half after a particularly windy day, and though I haven’t experienced any issues with the new Evo’s wing, I’ve seen them break so violently that they dent the trunk. Given I plan to do more and more HPDEs in this car, I decided to swap wings. The wicked white Evo 8 wing only comes in one year, 2005 – previous Evo 8 wings are in weightless white, which is an off-white that is different than wicked white. With a warm weekend, I was able to get this done:

I removed the old wing by unscrewing the two black caps off of the wing from inside the trunk. Once those are removed, there are two 10mm screws inside the trunk. There are 2 10mm bolts that hold the wing on as well.

Once those are removed, there is some very sticky double-sided tape that remains. I used a heat gun to heat up the tape and slowly pulled on the wing. Patience was the key, and I found it easier to pull on the wing with the trunk open – otherwise it seemed there was too much give in the trunk locking mechanism.

Once the wing is off, I cleaned the area. Pic below briefly wingless!

Comparing wings:

I used some 3M clear double-sided tape to match up to the original grey tape on the bottom of the wing. Luckily the tape came off cleanly and I was able to match it exactly.

I had a friend help me place the wing and set it down evenly, and from there I simply tightened all the bolts down. Done!

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