Rotors Resurfaced, OEM Shims Added

The Evo rotors had a lot of runout, so decided to get them machined by a local shop. For $70, they resurfaced all four rotors to like new status. Figured with the car up in the air, it would be a good time to get this done. After getting some brake dust remover on the rotors, they didn’t feel quite right. As part of the holiday sale, I also decided to get another set of OEM shims to put on the ti shims to decrease noise. Will bed these in with the Girodisc S/S pads for a soft reset on the braking system for the trackdays expected in 2019.

Ti shims toasted on the ST43 backs – all antiseize melted away, and a nice cool burnt ti look on the shims:

One thought on “Rotors Resurfaced, OEM Shims Added

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