Corolla Head Unit – 2018

Got a new head unit for winter 2018. My old one was feeling slow, and Joying, the company I’ve gotten past head units for, was offering a new 4gb ram/64gb storage head unit. Given the glitches in bluetooth, severe lag, and the fact that I was downloading more music to the head unit via Play Music led me to decide to get a new one. The install process is exactly the same as detailed here. The only difference is you have to take the vent guides from the OEM trim and add to the new surrounding trim. Also had the battery replaced earlier in the day by Advanced, I got their new Platinum AGM group 35 battery. The corrosion on the old battery was so bad that it had hardened around the terminals, and Advanced had to work pretty hard to break the corrosion off. Mileage was 238,709 for the new batt.

The new head unit has a 9″ screen (up from 7″), no physical buttons, and is much, much quicker. The headunit came with a new plastic trim that surrounded the headunit, as opposed to the old one using a frame to fit the face of the headunit. It’s a pretty slick unit, quick. The only cons are no physical buttons, which make adjusting sound difficult, no quick-boot, and the glare can be pretty bad on a sunny day. Otherwise, I’m loving how quick this thing is!



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