GAX 2018-7&8 11112018

Final event of 2018 is in the books! The morning session was in the 30s and difficult to drive, before it warmed up for the afternoon. Just need to keep getting seat time in the car to get used to being smooth with the throttle, yet aggressive with driving the car, carrying more speed, etc. Winter 2018 updates coming up…

Afternoon (Session 8)

Things to work on (M3):

  • Smoother throttle control, but be more aggressive with it early on
  • More aggressive in general, don’t be afraid to turn the wheel more
  • Quicker in slaloms/transitions, maintain steady throttle in slaloms
  • Get comfortable getting close to the limit, ease off slowly but quickly
  • Look ahead more, smoother steering, close to cones
  • More brakes when needed, less when not

Notes (M3):

  • 3/4 tank
  • Camber at -1.6, -1.6 rear,  0 toe front 1/32 toe-in rear
  • ~33F/31R
  • Power mode off, DSC Off, Shocks on hard setting.
  • 2018 Runs in Car & on Tires: 46 (+13 RE71Rs, 52 on Tires)

2018 Run Count: 99 (+13 M3)

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