BSCC 2018-3 05272018

After breaking the strut bolt, messing up the wheel and strut at the last event, I immediately ordered new parts from the dealership and swapped the eccentric camber bolts and the bottom strut bolt. While I’m still planning to have Solo Performance Specialties give the car a once over before the track day on 6/1, I wanted to make sure everything with the car was good and held together at an autox first.

Car felt great, everything held up fine and was able to set a pretty decent time. That time was in Gravel mode, and I threw the car into Tarmac for the last run – the car felt way faster and more neutral, but I ironically carried a lot more speed into the last couple corners than I meant to and screwed up the finish. The brakes are still holding up very well, I’m really impressed with how well they are stopping the car, which was the final weakness I wanted to address on the car from last year.

The 5th run felt better than it looked in the video below, but was still good enough to take #1 at the event, my first at Boeing this year. There’s a lot of grip on this setup, but I still think I’m giving up around 1s compared to if I had been on RE71Rs. At least it’s much faster than my “track” setup of 18×8.5 OEM X GSR wheels + RS4s, which I’d estimate is a little under 1s slower than this setup.

Things to work on (Evo):

  • Still better lines in a number of spots, car placement, earlier turn-in
  • Look ahead more to fix the late steering
  • Smooth out steering, one single arc for turns – build more confidence/knowledge in car placement per steering turn

Notes (Evo):

  • 0.3 tank
  • Camber at -3.3, -1.9 rear,  0 toe front 0 toe rear
  • 36psi all around (RT615k+)
  • ACD: Gravel, Dampers 6/5 F/R, RSB on stiff
  • Pax Points: 10,000
  • 2018 Runs: 20 (+6 on RS4s, 14 on RT615k+)

2018 Run Count: 26 (+6 Evo)

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