Replacing the Reverse Switch – Evo 8/9

Noticed at the end of last year that the Evo’s reverse lights stopped coming on while I was in reverse. Found it unlikely that both bulbs went out at the same time, and they don’t have their own fuse – which meant that the reverse switch (switch on top of the transmission that tells the car reverse has been engaged) was out/fouled. While it’s fairly uncommon, it’s not the most uncommon thing to happen, and is fairly easy to correct.

1. Disconnect & remove the battery.

2. Assuming you have the stock battery tray, it takes 4 12mm bolts to remove this. The reverse switch is directly underneath.

3. Unclip the wiring from the switch. The switch has a 24mm hex that can be used to remove it. It will require a deep socket. I didn’t torque anything down, just got it approximately as snug as it was before, and reinstalled and reassembled everything back together. The reverse lights are back on!

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