2010-2015 Toyota Prius Oil Change How-To

Do all work at your own risk.

Tools required:

  • 4.5 quarts of oil (Red Line 0w20)
  • new Toyota oil filter
  • 14mm socket wrench
  • panel popper
  • oil pan
  • Toyota oil filter tool

1. Get the Prius up on stands/ramps

2. The bottom of the Prius is covered in plastic. The very back flap contains access to the oil plug & filter, which are right next to each other. You may need a panel popping tool to get to it. Pull it back to expose the drain plug & filter.

3. The drain plug takes a 14mm bolt. Remove & drain oil.

4. Close back up & tighten. Toyota uses a proprietary oil filter tool to tighten & loosen their oil filters. I purchased mine on Amazon. Use this to loosen the oil filter housing.

5. Swap the new rubber o-ring & filter into the housing, and reinstall.

6. Once the oil filter housing is reinstalled, button the car back up and refill oil at the top, 4 quarts to start. Take it for a quick spin, and top off if needed.



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