2016 Season Prep

A relatively busy off-season for the Evo – following the issues I had with the balance of the car last year, I had a few changes I wanted to make before going with more mods. Also had a number of maintenance to do with the car:

  • Reversed the rake of the car (higher in front, lower in rear) so the car wouldn’t lose it so much under lift/slaloms/braking
  • Moved to Swift coilover springs (kept the same rates for now)
  • Cleaned the coilover threads (getting really dirty, hard to turn the locking rings) – covered the threads in anti-seize
  • Corner balanced and aligned by Dave@SPS
  • Cut flaps into the trunk trim so I could access the knobs at the top without removing the trim anymore
  • Cleaned air filter, replaced coolant reservoir tank
  • Engine Oil – Amsoil ZROD 10w30, Pure1 oil filter
  • Trans Fluid – Redline MT85
  • Transfer Case – Redline Lightweight Shockproof
  • Rear Diff – Redline 75w90 Gear Oil
  • Bled the brakes – Amsoil DOT4. They were in bad shape after the last track event, and were already 3 years old before then.
  • Perhaps most importantly, switched from bald Dunlop Z1 star specs to RE71Rs in 245/45-17

Hoping these changes help cure some of the car’s oddly loose behavior. If not, the next step will be to do with front sway bar. Pretty confident the car will behave how I want it to, and I’ll find out in exactly 1 week! No changes for the Mini except new RE71Rs as well. Some pics below!


New Tires:




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