Sponsorship Announcement – Red Line Oil

Happy to announce my newest sponsor, Red Line Oil! I chose to reach out to Red Line Oil due to their outstanding reputation in making extremely high quality, ester based oils. This came out of a search for an oil that was of even higher quality than Amsoil, while perhaps being more suited for racing. One of Red Line’s strong points is its high use of moly, which helps cling to the metal. Their oil in general is very stable and relatively thick, often thicker than oils of higher grades, with a superior base stock and excellent wear protection characteristics.

For both the Mini and the Evo, I will be using Red Line 5w30 in the engine. This is probably one of their best engine oils, thicker than many 10w30s of other brands, but notably with extremely high HTHS (high temperature high shear) values, which is very good for racing. For the transmissions, I will be using their MT-90 and MT-85 for the Mini and Evo, respectively. I am using Lightweight Shockproof in the transfer case of the Evo – this is a very sensitive part of the Evo’s drivetrain, one that you really need to be careful in choosing the oil – where most of the community still uses straight 90 OEM oil. After a lot of research, the lighweight shockproof sounded perfect for my needs – protecting like a 75w140, but flowing like an 80w oil. Finally, using their 75w90 Gear Oil for my rear differential.


Please visit Red Line Oil for all your oil needs!

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