Volks CE28N 18×9.5 +34

The other required part of swapping to the Evo X brakes was upsizing to 18″ wheels. There was pretty much only one set of wheels I wanted, which was the CE28N in 18×9.5. After much research, it seemed the only offset that would really work well would be the 18×9.5 +34. The +28 would be too close to the outside of the fender, and while the 18×9.5 +34 would be a touch close on the inside, things would clear better for the rear fenders. The distance in the front could be adjusted by the eccentric bolt.

After a couple months, I was finally able to source a set at a reasonable price, and took them to get powdercoated. There was some debate about powdercoating wheels, but I spoke with the company and they assured me that not only did powder coating not harm the integrity of the wheel, but that they use a special lower heat for powdercoating wheels and guarantee all of their work. I chose the color Charcoal Mist, which was a metallic light/bright grey. Even then, the wheels look dark in the shadows. It’s a cliche, but pictures don’t do it justice.

I purchased some tires to go on the car, but I got the wrong size so no pictures with the car down on the ground yet. Nonetheless, the wheels look great, and really like how they look in various degrees of lighting. Very excited to see how the car feels on the new setup! I’m actually anticipating the car to be slower straight-line, as the wheel-tire combination is actually much heavier than it used to be.

Per above, I mounted the 265/35-18 Falken Azenis RT615k+ on 2/19/18. The distance to the suspension was a little too close still, so I pulled the eccentric bolts to their low camber setting to buy them a little more distance. Plenty of clearance on the driver’s side, a little less on the passenger’s side, possibly due to less give/wear on the eccentric bolt. I’ll add back however much camber I need at the top, and this should allow for better suspension geometry as well. I got the RT615k+s at a discount, so I decided to run these for my autox tires to see how they do.

Finally, I got some lightweight AL 7075 lug nuts made by Gorilla, in the titanium color to replace the black lug nuts. They show up bronze in pictures, and despite being somewhat oversized they are lightweight and look decent.



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